Ask little Princess Zelda from OoT your questions.


…Are you sure it’s a demon?

I have no idea how he got inside…

What do you think you are doing! Didn’t your parents teach you that’s not how to treat animals!?


(Happy Valentine’s Day from Zelda)

Wait a moment, just because I have prophetic dreams doesn’t mean that I’m a seer!
My dreams don’t foresee personal problems and relationships, rather events or happenings that are already set into motion. Like sickness, drought or conflict.

When something that could have a great effect on Hyrule and it’s people, I may be disturbed for days, sometimes weeks to come with similar dreams.
The messages are not always clear and there have been times when I couldn’t do anything to prevent them, but thanks to the dreams I am able to avoid a worst case scenario and for that I’m truly grateful. 

Some people take my actions to prevent these things as intuition or wit. Like my father. I know he trust my judgement but he still believe my dreams are just.. dreams. He is a bit stubborn sometimes, but I don’t blame him.
It has taken time for me to understand them. When I was younger, they scared and confused me and I think my father is just trying to protect me by denying them to be real.


…I hope it will go well for you people. Please don’t be unfaithful to your beloved ones. ..Because it’s not nice.

I’m absolutely not going to kiss them, I- I rather die!!

She seems like a wonderful person…